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FCC Rally in Tally

Jan Fri, 2024, See more: Child Protection,Child Welfare,Events

NWF Health Network participated in the Florida Coalition for Children’s Rally in Tally earlier this week. Our C.O.O., Courtney Stanford, C.F.O., Rae Kerr, and other NWF leaders attended.

Florida Coalition for Children (FCC) CEO, Kurt Kelly, updated the group on current bills to keep an eye on and their potential impact if passed. During the legislative briefing, he spoke to members about effective and concise interaction with members and staff and described what to expect and what literature/tools were available.

Among the informative speakers, was former Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp. He presented the Florida Tax watch report on Stronger Families: Protecting Florida’s Vulnerable Populations. Some of the main points addressed: At-Risk Youths; Workforce Stability; Foster Care; Behavioral Health Services; and Administrative Burdens. He spoke about the importance of taking care of “the people who protect the people.”

Selfless Love Foundation founder and CEO, Ashley Brown, was recognized by Kurt Kelly. Among other attendees, Dominic Calabro, President and CEO of Florida Tax Watch; DCF Secretary Shevaun Harris; and Laurie Mulrooney, of Safe Families for Children. It was a great time for all that attended.

Performer: Kayleigh Register

FCC CEO Kurt Kelly gives Bill Updates

FCC CEO Kurt Kelly

NWF Community Relations Specialist Bibi Ramos and President & CEO of Florida Tax Watch, Dominic Calabro

NWF CFO Rae Kerr, Circuit 14 Administrator Kelly Faircloth and COO Courtney Stanford

Selfless Love Foundation founder and CEO, Ashley Brown and FCC CEO, Kurt Kelly

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