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June is Reunification Month: Meet J.J. and K.S.

Jun Sun, 2024, See more: Child Protection,Child Welfare

This reunification story is a true example of love, triumph, resilience, determination, and most of all faith. The mother, J.J., shared with Beth Little, CWCM, that it is through God’s love that she found the strength to regain control of her life. She credits her success to overcoming her addiction to the time she spent in the “Teen Challenge” substance abuse program. Teen Challenge is a highly successful substance abuse program that is deeply rooted in some of the teachings of Christ.

This mother faced enormous battles but continued, remained sober and was able to be reunified with her 7 year old daughter (K.S.) last year. She has overcome substance abuse and continues sobriety and has been sober for over a year. J.J. is a survivor of domestic violence and emotional abuse and has overcome the negative effects of trauma and abuse. She went from struggling to re-gain her self-esteem, low motivation, lack of determination, and lack of planning to becoming a sober minded, dedicated mother focused and determined to safely care for herself and her child.  

J.J. faced enormous battles but continued moving forward. She remained sober and was able to be reunified with her 7-year-old daughter K.S. After nearly a year of hard work and nearing the TPR advisory J.J. showed amazing changes. She completed the Pathways program, moved into an Oxford House, began working full time and later moved into her own apartment.

After reunification J.J. faced extreme financial challenges. Nonetheless, J.J. did not and has not relapsed, she did not resort to her known pattern of escape and return to substance abuse. She instead shared that she has developed a close relationships with community support members of her church group and neighborhood friends. J.J. doesn’t have the urges that she did previously and shared that she is excited and happy to be a mother again. Her time is filled with loving and taking care of K.S. J.J. has shown positive behavior changes and the desire and the ability to safely care for her daughter.

K.S. was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was unable to walk when she first came into care. The department and the caregiver supported the mother and helped her learn the specialized skills to support her learning to walk. J.J. was able to continue to teach her daughter to walk after reunification. Her daughter is now able to walk around the house unassisted on flat feet! This is a huge improvement!

Congratulations to you both! You two have so much to celebrate!

Spotlight on the Barber Foster Family

July 18, 2024
The Barbers show excellence in working with system partners in communicating to help meet the children’s needs. We are thankful for the Barbers and their dedication to these children.