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June is Reunification Month

Jun Tue, 2024, See more: Child Welfare

Recently, one of our moms used motivation and faith to regain custody of her son after he was in care almost 3 years. She was incarcerated and then released in a state she was not familiar with and where she had no friends or family. At the time of her release, she had two months until her next court proceedings- which were to terminate her parental rights.

This determined mom immediately got a job, found a place to live, found a provider that would be able to get her enrolled in services immediately (despite her having to pay out of pocket for all the classes) and paid probation and court fees. She never failed to make a visitation despite her son being placed in a different county.

The trial was continued to a later date and eventually dismissed due to the significant progress the mother had made towards reunification. The mother and her child were reunified on December 18, 2023 and after six months of supervision, the case manager has requested the case be terminated.

Spotlight on the Barber Foster Family

July 18, 2024
The Barbers show excellence in working with system partners in communicating to help meet the children’s needs. We are thankful for the Barbers and their dedication to these children.