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Meet the Brown Foster Family

Jul Mon, 2023, See more: Child Protection,Foster Families,Thank You

Introducing Amy, a devoted foster/adoptive mom and teacher who exudes a profound love for children and an unwavering commitment to their well-being. Throughout her fostering journey, she has provided a nurturing and secure environment for over 25 children, leaving an indelible impact on their lives. Recently, she went above and beyond for a child in foster care that attended school where she teaches. Amy worked with system partners to have the child placed in her home, ensuring that they could maintain school attendance and relationships.

Amy is a true hero, and her unwavering dedication to fostering and educating children is an inspiration to us all.

Spotlight on The McCurdy Foster Family

April 13, 2024
Ron and Denise McCurdy have been opening their home as foster parents for the children in their community since 2017. During this time, the family has committed to caring for twenty + children, four of which they...