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NWF Observes Both National Mental Health Awareness Month & National Foster Care Month

May Mon, 2023, See more: Uncategorized

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Tallahassee, FL – May is a special month for our nation and for NWF Health Network!  As May is both National Mental Health Awareness Month and National Foster Care Month, we are honored to celebrate each together. 

NWF Health Network (NWFHN) serves as not only the Managing Entity for mental health and substance abuse services in 18 counties in northwest Florida, but also as the Lead Agency for child protection services (including foster care services) in 16 of those counties. 

As the state’s designated Managing Entity, NWF Health Network serves 18 counties in northwest Florida, from Escambia to Madison, through a network of accredited providers that offer a range of services, such as counseling, crisis intervention, medication management, peer support, prevention, and recovery. 

As the Lead Agency for child protection services, NWF Health Network serves 16 counties in northwest Florida providing a range of services to children and families, including adoption services, case management, child abuse prevention, extended foster care and independent living, foster care placement, and kinship support.

“NWF Health Network is working to bring innovative and leading-edge technologies to improve access and remove barriers to mental health and substance abuse services. From the launching of telehealth counseling services in our schools to a new AI chatbot, we are committed to breaking down the barriers of access to the people we serve.” said Mike Watkins, CEO of NWF Health Network. 

There are currently more than 1,200 children in foster care in NWF Health’s service area.  “These children need safe, loving, and stable homes where they can heal from the trauma of separation and thrive,” continued Watkins.  “We are grateful for the hundreds of foster families in our network who open their hearts and their homes to these children and provide them with the care and support they deserve. Without these families, we simply could not do the work we do to support these children.”

NWF Health Network encourages everyone to take care of their mental health and seek help when needed.  Teens and young adults up to age 23 can text “Hi” to 850-801-6119 to be connected with an AI chatbot or a live, licensed therapist. 

To learn more about NWF Health Network and its services, including how to become a foster parent, visit


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