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Spotlight on The Stouffer Foster Family

Meet Jennifer and Jordan Stouffer. They have been a part of the fostering community since 2021. They have welcomed 10 children through their home and have helped transition many of them to their relatives. They have welcomed sibling groups in order to keep them together and are in the process of adopting a sibling set of two. Their motivation to continue bringing children into their home is driven by their faith and being able to see the children in their home grow and become successful. They also expressed the positive influence it has had on their biological children. They love to see them step up to the plate and make the sacrifices needed to make the adjustment smooth for the new children coming into their home. Even amongst the busyness of homeschooling and caring for young children, the couple continues to be available for every court hearing or staffing advocating for those in their care. We are very thankful for the love and dedication they have shown for children throughout the years as a foster and soon-to-be adoptive parents.