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Spotlight on the Welsh Foster Family

Brandy and Brad Welsh have been licensed for just over sixteen months. The family welcomed a set of twins as their first placement and the children remain in their care today. The family enjoys doing things outside and have taken multiple trips with the twins to go hiking.  They are supported by friends, family, and a large church support group.  

Brandy and Brad are currently partnering with the birth family in order to make a smooth transition from their care back home to their mother.  One of their system partners recently shared some thoughts about how the Welsh’s have worked with them, the children and their mom.  The partner said the Welsh family has “advocated for these children every step of the way. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with amazing foster parents!”  

Earlier this year Brandy completed a mission trip to Africa, one she has done before and plans to continue completing. Brandy knew at a young age that she wanted to foster and complete mission trips to Africa. We are happy to be able to watch and share in the Welsh family’s journey!

Spotlight on the Barber Foster Family

July 18, 2024
The Barbers show excellence in working with system partners in communicating to help meet the children’s needs. We are thankful for the Barbers and their dedication to these children.