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Statewide Fatherhood Initiative

Jul Wed, 2023, See more: Events,Team

We are excited to be a part of the Statewide Fatherhood Initiative and are so proud of our agency lead @bigholy Lyn Masslieno. Lyn was asked to participate in the panel which was hosted by @myflfamilies Secretary Shevaun Harris in Tampa, Florida.

Fostering 301

June 04, 2024
Fostering 301 is a small group participatory training that expounds on the importance of developmental relationships in healing for children who have experienced trauma. 

C1 Human Trafficking Task Force Meeting

May 31, 2024
There are local task forces and coalitions which encompass every one of Florida's 67 counties. Circuit 1 holds four of those with a heavy presence and interest from Sheriff's in each county. NWFHN is involved...