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Welcome Kerwin Foster Family

Mar Thu, 2023, See more: Child Protection

Sarah and Jeff Kerwin are a family of four with 2 younger sons.  They love all-things sports and are involved in their community church.  Jeff and Sarah welcomed a child into their home and partnered well with the birth family to successfully reunify the child back with her family. They still maintain contact with them to this day.   

Tallahassee Youth Opportunity

February 24, 2024
Coming this May, any high school students over 16 who are in foster care are eligible to participate in the first year pilot program Step into Success. This program is for foster youth alumni ages...

Spotlight on Whaley Foster Family

February 23, 2024
 Dana and Carlton stay involved in the children’s academics, spend extra time working with them to build confidence, and provide opportunities for them to have fun.

NWF meets with JCSO and DISC Village

February 23, 2024
Today Law Enforcement Liaison Mike Kemp and Criminal Justice Specialist Christy Bertera facilitated a meeting with Jefferson County Sheriff Mac McNeil and DISC Village Director of Criminal Justice Deflection Billy Jones. Deflection is a new...