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Women & Girls Health Awareness Retreat

May Tue, 2023, See more: Child Protection,Events,Health and Safety

The purpose of the women and girls retreat is to provide a platform and resources to educate women and girls especially African American and Hispanic women and girls about health issues and concerns that are affecting them at a higher rate than that of Caucasian women, especially the awareness of HIV/AIDS.

The event will consist of vendors and speakers that focus on health issues such as breast and cervical cancer, maternal health issues, hypertension, diabetes, and sexual health and HIV/AIDS awareness. The hope is that when the event is over, both women and girls will be equipped with education about all health issues that affect them and that they are empowered to speak against stigma and advocate to end the epidemic of HIV against women and girls.

Saturday, May 20th 10am-1pm

122 N Graves Street, Quincy, Florida.

Music by: DjLB