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Behavioral Health

Mental Health


NWF Health Network aims to provide services that are available for those experiencing some mental health challenges or stress. Resources are also available to adults in crisis; people with serious, disabling or potentially disabling mental illnesses who live in the community, who cannot otherwise access mental health care; certain people with serious mental illnesses who get involved with the criminal justice system. Individuals experiencing mental health struggles or stress related to the challenges of life can find care through our providers and their different levels of care.


All children deserve access to effective care to prevent or treat any mental health problems that they may develop. Even under perfect circumstances, children’s behaviors and emotions can change frequently and rapidly. Services center on interventions and activities that help to reduce or manage symptoms or distress for persons up to eighteen (18) years of age who have severe emotional distress or a mental illness. Mental Health services include crisis stabilization and support, residential treatment, outpatient treatment (individual and group), case management, medication management, assessment and prevention.

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