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NWF Health Network serves as the Network Management agency for child protection and behavioral health services in northwest Florida.

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NWF Health Network contracts with agencies who can deliver services considered to be an enhancement to the core services such as prevention services, mentoring services, and nurse case management services.

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NWF Health Network is proud to have many talented individuals working to strengthen our communities. Meet our team!

These programs provide treatment for substance abuse through a community-based provider system that offers detoxification, treatment and recovery support for adolescents and adults affected by substance misuse, abuse, or dependence.

Resources are available to adults and children to eliminate, reduce, or manage the symptoms of emotional distress or mental illness.  NWF Health works to remove barriers that might otherwise prevent someone from getting the care they need.

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Our program is designed to provide support services to our adoptive families including on-going training and continual staff support. NWF Health and its partner agencies are committed to finding stable and supportive homes for children available for adoption.

NWF Health Network oversees the placement of children in foster homes. It is our goal to recruit, license, and support quality foster parents who are trauma-competent, trained, and well-equipped to serve all of our children.

Foster Care

We train, equip, and support our families caring for foster children in our community.  We would love for you to become a valued part of our team!

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