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Behavioral Health Conference

Some of our Behavioral Health Managing Entity (ME) Team attended the 2023 Behavioral Health Conference. By all reports, they said it was amazing experience and also a great opportunity to network, connect, and gain skills and ideas to implement in our communities within the 18 county coverage area in Northwest Florida.

Program Office Manager, Tracie Moorer said, “A new definition of ‘Hero’ was introduced… Hero: extraordinary people who refuse to be ordinary!” Tracie went on to say, “people who work in this field are all heroes and we should always ask ourselves ‘what can we do with what we have to make the biggest impact on the people who need us?’ How true, Tracie!!!

Happy National Nurses Day

May 06, 2024
Today we celebrate the incredible dedication and compassion of the NWF Health Network Nurse Care Coordinators, who work hard to ensure the well-being of the children in our community.