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GENTRACON24 Speaker Barb Clark on “Trauma & BIG Behaviors”

Barb Clark is the Director of training at Families Rising (FKA NACAC) and brings a wealth of experience as an adoptive and kinship parent to five adult children. She has a passion for sharing with others what she learned from her own mistakes. She uses humor and real-life experiences to help professionals and caregivers challenge the use of traditional strategies and push them to think outside of the box.

Barb earned a degree in youth Development from the University of Minnesota, but she attests that she learned more valuable insights from her children than from her college education! Barb is committed to improving the education & lives of individuals who were prenatally exposed to drugs & alcohol. We are excited to have her present at GENTRACON24!

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Gentracon24 is coming

April 03, 2024
Join us for a 2 day conference dedicated to equipping community members with tools to effectively impact the children and families we serve.