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Hurricane Season is here

Jun Wed, 2024, See more: Uncategorized

What Happens During a Hurricane?

There are a number of serious hazards that come along with hurricanes. These include high winds, heavy rains, a storm surge, and tornadoes.

High winds can cause a tremendous amount of damage during a hurricane. Hurricane-force winds can destroy mobile homes and buildings. It can make normal objects like roofing material, signs, and siding into flying missiles. The winds from a hurricane can maintain hurricane strength far inland from the coast.

Heavy rains can result in destructive and deadly floods during a tropical storm or hurricane. Flash flooding occurs when water levels rise rapidly, and long-term flooding can occur due to rivers and streams swelling from the rain.

Storm surges occur when the storm’s winds cause an abnormal rise in water level. These can span hundreds of miles of coastline and reach heights well over 20 feet.

A combination of storm surge and the astronomical tide can create what is known as storm tide. This is the water level rise that occurs during a storm.

Lastly, tornadoes can be produced by tropical storms and hurricanes. These typically happen in thunderstorms that are embedded in rain bands quite some distance from the hurricane’s center. However, tornadoes can also form near the eyewall.

These tornadoes are typically short-lived and on the weaker side, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pose a serious threat.

Make sure you and your family are prepared!

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