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Local Attorney Melanie Coats receives Angels of Adoption Award

“My Choice Adoptions” attorney Melanie Coats received the Angels of Adoption Award at our National Adoption Day Celebration today. This is the first time the state of Florida has recognized and selected a recipient. Ms. Kristen Scheurer nominated local adoption attorney, Melanie Coats for her years of service to the children in Circuit 2.

Ms. Coats has worked in private practice, in the county courts, and as counsel for the Department of Children & Families. She joined forces with Marilu Allewelt and founded “My Choice Adoptions.” This 501(c)(3) will celebrate 5 years of service this January.

Congratulations Ms. Coats, we appreciate your hard work and dedication to the children and families in our community.

(L-R: Melanie Coats and Kristen Scheurer)

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