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Military Family Appreciation Month: What can you do?

Nov Wed, 2023, See more: Thank You

It’s Military Family Appreciation Month. Like most aspects of military life, military friendships are unique, life-altering and often subject to change.

Here’s a few things you can do for our military families:

1. Volunteer your time. What this woman needs is something more than grocery shopping without the kids. What she needs is time alone in a spa. I may not be able to make her husband come home, but I can have her tribe over for a play date while she takes a break.

2. Share their passion. Some of the most amazing military spouses I know spend gobs of time volunteering with organizations or programs they think are important. Spend some time volunteering next to them as a way of showing that you care, too.

3. Leave an anonymous care package at the door. Ding-dong-ditch is extra fun when you can leave something amazing behind. Hit up your favorite shop and buy some supplies for the perfect bath or put together a movie or game night basket complete with games, popcorn and candy.

4. Listen. Take the time to find out what she/he needs. Maybe the lawn looks great but caring for it is just about the last straw. Maybe the pets need some extra love while they are at work. Or pick up the phone and just listen!

We appreciate our military families.

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