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NWF Attends 2023 Crestview Overdose Summit

Earlier this year, Mayor JB Whitten of Crestview, Florida hosted the Crestview Overdose Summit 2023.  On August 31, 2023, he invited Okaloosa County providers, law enforcement, schools, medical professionals, and behavioral health/substance abuse professionals to attend a follow-up Overdose Awareness meeting to discuss prevention and intervention efforts toward combating the Opioid and Overdose crises. Mayor Whitten reported that for all of Florida outside of the panhandle, 21 of 100,000 people die from overdoses every day in contrast to the Northwest, where 42 of 100,000 people die every day from overdoses.  Presenters from recovery organizations, treatment providers, and state agencies talked about the collaborative efforts of Okaloosa County community and professional members in addressing this crisis.  Mayor Whitten proclaimed August 31, 2023 as “International Overdose Awareness Day” for Crestview, Florida.   

Pictured L-R:

Christa Pate (NWF Circuit Administrator C1), Beth Gallion MCAP ICADC (NWF Substance Use Specialist/Prevention Behavioral Health), JB Whitton (Mayor Crestview, Florida), Bonnie Barlow (Bridgeway) and Janice George (Circuit 1 Behavioral Health Network Supervisor).

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