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Social Work Appreciation Month: Jennessa Hart

Mar Sat, 2024, See more: Staff Spotlight,Team,Thank You

Jennessa Hart received a Bachelor’s degree in History and minor in Psychology at Florida State University (FSU). She later went back and earned her Masters Degree in Social Work. Jennessa prides herself to this day, in her ability to be friends with University of Florida Gator fans. Jennessa is part of the amazing NWFHN Out of Home Care team. She serves as the Assistant Director of Placement and covers Circuits 1, 2 & 14.

Jennessa didn’t “want” to become a Social Worker but as mentioned, she graduated with a History degree and thought, ‘now what?’ She became employed at Anchorage Children’s Home working overnights in one of the shelters. She soon fell in love with the kids. She loved it so much she went back to school to get her Masters in Social Work. Jennessa continued pursuing new opportunities within the agency and stayed for 15 years. She never thought she would leave until one fateful day, Roshannon Jackson (Out of Home Care Director at NWFHN), called her. The two had a great conversation and the rest is history! Jennessa tells people all the time that she never thought anything could be harder than residential, but Placement proves that she’s wrong every day. “I am incredibly thankful and in awe of the good work this team does every day!”

Jennessa’s family is slightly less than traditional and consists of herself and her incredible little girl. They also have too many fur babies: one very silly German Shephard puppy and 5 cats. She’s not sure how that part happened but definitely doesn’t want to be judged!

Jennessa has been surrounded by an amazing support system, all of whom make it possible for her to do this work.

Thank you Jennessa, for your thoughtful and dedicated work with the children we serve.

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