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Spotlight on The Kimbrough Foster Family

Meet the Kimbroughs, Lisa and Ben! They have been fostering for the past 11 years. The Kimbroughs have both birth and adoptive children. They have welcomed countless other children through fostering. The family is active in their community, and both serve as educators for the Okaloosa School District. Lisa and Ben are family oriented and include their children in care in every part of their life. They are big on sports, so evenings are busy with baseball, golf, and flag football.

The Kimbrough family considers their fostering journey a blessing and a fulfillment of their commitment to support children in need. Their story is not just about fostering; it’s about opening their hearts and home, while creating a lasting impact on countless lives.

Water Safety Awareness Month

May 19, 2024
Always watch children when they’re in or near water, and never leave them unattended. Designate an official Water Watcher, an adult tasked with supervising children in the water. That should be their only task –...