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Sunshine Health Sponsors Movie Night for 70 Foster/Adoptive Families

We are so grateful for our community partner Sunshine Health. We were able to talk almost 70 foster/adoptive parents and children to “movie night” this week!

Everyone had a great time and many families shared that it was the first time they had taken the whole family to the movie. One of the foster parents asked if the bio parents (who were visiting) could attend too. So their movie ticket was covered as well. They shared that they would not have been able to take their two kids to the movies otherwise, but now they not have this great memory of how much “the system” is helping them be successful. This is what it’s all about.

Thank you, Sunshine Health! Once again, you’ve shown us how much you care!

Pictured: Julie Smythe (VP at Sunshine Health), Yvonne Bocanegra (Behavioral Health Coordinator at Sunshine Health), and Shannon Massingale (NWF Health Director of Care Coordination).

Pictured: Johnathan (Shannon Massingale’s son)