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Thank you, Cashmere Calligraphy & Custom Wood Art

Dec Fri, 2023, See more: Child Welfare,Foster Families,Thank You

We are thankful for everyone who donated $4 to sponsor these beautiful hand-painted ornaments created by Cashmere Calligraphy & Custom Wood Art. These were made as a special gift for children in foster care in Circuit 14.

Thank you, Cashmere Calligraphy & Custom Wood Art!

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month

February 20, 2024
Schedule routine check-ups. If it’s been more than six months since your child has seen a dentist, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Clean your baby’s gums daily. Until those teeth come in gently...

Winter Services Bazaar

February 19, 2024
Please plan on attending our annual Services Bazaar on February 21st from 10am- 2pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet local providers in the community.