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Criminal Justice Specialist Christy Bertera Speaks at DOC Domestic Violence Awareness Event

Criminal Justice Specialist Christy Bertera spoke at the Florida Department of Corrections Wakulla Correctional Institute’s Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month luncheon. She spoke about how unmet behavioral health needs can contribute to domestic violence in relationships and how NWF Health Network is partnering with local law enforcement to address those needs, in hopes of creating safer homes and communities.

Thank you, Simply Healthcare

December 02, 2023
Thank you, Correy Boughton, from Simply Healthcare for stopping by the DCF Office in Pensacola and delivering boxes of duffle bags for our children in care. These bags will be given to our kids so...

Reframe Your Mind: A Positivity Symposium

November 26, 2023
Reframe Your Mind: A Positivity Symposium, was specifically designed to help attendees embrace positivity, cultivate self-care practices, and achieve a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling personal and professional life.