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Florida Institute for Child Welfare Recognizes NWF’s Irma Harrison at the 2023 Child Welfare Professional of the Year Awards

NWF Health Network is proud to announce that Irma Harrison, Placement Supervisor for Circuit 14, was selected as the Florida Institute for Child Welfare Professional 2023 Specialist of the year.

The Florida Institute for Child Welfare received many nominations of child welfare professionals who contribute to the development of the well-being of children and families in Florida. After a careful review, the Institute honored Irma Harrison the award.

Irma Harrison has served as the Placement Supervisor for Circuit 14 for over 3 years. Irma is committed to maintaining positive relationships with system partners. She takes the time to meet with children who are in need of a loving home and works diligently with her team to ensure each child receives the best possible placement.

Congratulations Irma! We see you and are so proud of your dedication to the children and families we serve!