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June Reunification Story: Megan Sims

Jun Thu, 2024, See more: Child Protection,Child Welfare

When Megan’s journey began, she was facing charges of child neglect and was unable to stay sober. She had both addiction and legal troubles. In spite of the hardships faced, Megan remained determined to better her situation for the hope that she could be with her son again. She moved several times to be closer to her child during her rehabilitation plan and knew a complete change of environment would be best for her child.

Megan says the support of her aunt and her church ministry have played pivotal roles in the process of being reunited with her child. She credits the staff at The Rescue Mission of Bethel Village, the ministry at Calvary Panama City, and her aunt for the constant support in her journey for reunification. She explains that the process of reunification has impacted her family by bringing her closer with her aunt, and has made her cherish her son’s presence in her life even greater than before.

Megan’s advice for anyone who may be in a similar situation is to keep up with the steps in the case plan and adhere to the advice of the case manager. She emphasizes the importance of keeping a strong bond with her child, despite the distance and obstacles.

Megan is now in college for Social Work. Her hope for the future is to help other people struggling with addiction and to give her son the best childhood possible!

Spotlight on the Barber Foster Family

July 18, 2024
The Barbers show excellence in working with system partners in communicating to help meet the children’s needs. We are thankful for the Barbers and their dedication to these children.