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March is National Social Work Month: Christina Bertera

Mar Tue, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight

Christina received her Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees from Florida State University. She chose the field of Social Work because she knew she wanted to help people. She didn’t realize that was a profession but is grateful that she found her way to it! Her first job in the Social Work field was working at the State Attorney’s Office where she worked as a Victim Advocate. She is currently on the board of the Big Bend Victim Assistance Coalition. 

Christina has worked in the industry for 18 years and joined the NWF Health Network team almost 2 years ago. Currently, she’s the Criminal Justice Specialist, working to assist our network partners at the intersection of the criminal justice system and behavioral health.  

Christina’s favorite part of her job is collaborating with our law enforcement partners as well as our community service providers to bring innovative programs and ideas to alleviate the criminality of behavioral health issues. 

Christina maintains her work-life balance by going to the gym every morning. It helps her clear her head and gets her ready for the day. She says her children are her greatest accomplishments- she is nothing without them. “They have endured a lot in their short lives, trauma, vicarious trauma, loss, and they are so strong and resilient. They keep me moving forward every day.” 

On being a Social Worker, Christina says “self-care is more than a pedicure and occasional massage. Ensure that you protect your mind, body, and spirit because the things you will see and hear will destroy you if you are not taking care of yourself first. The job is never easy, never going to get rich in the profession of helping others, but there is nothing in the world like changing the trajectory of a person’s life for the better.” 

We appreciate you, Christina. Thank you for your care and dedication to the families and communities we serve at NWF Health Network

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