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March is National Social Work Month: Jennessa Hart

Mar Sun, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight

Jennessa Hart is originally from Southern California; however, she has lived in Florida long enough to claim it! She earned her Social Work degree from Florida State University.

Jennessa never intended to work in the field. She found a position with Anchorage Children’s Home working with babies 0-10 in a shelter. Jennessa fell in love with the work and went back to school to get her degree in Social Work. She’s been in the field for 15 years now, the majority of it working with youth in a residential setting. Jennessa comes across some of her old kiddos, now adults, in the grocery store, or at her child’s school, etc. “It’s a win all these years later to see how well they’re doing and to know we played a part somewhere along the way.”

If Jennessa had to give a new social worker advice, she would tell them to “set boundaries: with work, friends, family, all of it. Resting is a must.”

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family (and she tries to keep her plants alive).

We see the wonderful work you do, Jennessa. Thank you for going above and beyond!

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