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March is National Social Work Month: Kathy Donofro

Mar Fri, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight

This is Kathy Donofro. She resided with her family in Tennessee before moving to Graceville, Florida as a teen. She graduated from Graceville High School, received her A.A. from Chipola College and her Bachelor’s degree in social work from Florida State University. Having struggled growing up with economic poverty and observing others who struggled with trauma related to loss, disability and abuse, Kathy felt that choosing social work as area of study. She has always been passionate about this and had a desire to help others achieve a better quality of life and become productive members in the community.

Kathy has been a social worker for 41 years. Her first job was at Sunland Marianna. While there, she worked with individuals with developmental disabilities. Currently, she is the Adoption Manager with NWF Health. She has the opportunity to be a partner working with the Department of Children and Families, Adoption contract providers, the community, prospective adoptive families and children advocating for a permanent home for every child through the world of adoption. Her understanding of Florida Statue, FAC, and operating procedures is vital in order to move cases forward. Her favorite part of her job is children achieving permanency and finding forever families.   

When Kathy isn’t helping others, she enjoys working out, being outdoors, traveling to other countries and spending quality time with her family. 

Her advice to new social workers would be “have a dream and passion. You may not save the world but if you are able to help or influence one child or young adult to reach their goals you are a success. Not to sound too corny, but our children are our future and we need to provide them with whatever resources we have available.”  

Thank you for your outstanding dedication and Happy Birthday, Kathy! 

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