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March is National Social Work Month: Lisa Adams

Mar Mon, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight

Lisa is from Sylvester, GA. She attended The Unsinkable Albany State Meet University in Albany Georgia, chose to study Social Work because she loves helping others, and wanted to be the change agent people need. 

Lisa has worked in the industry about 9 years. Her first job was as a Child Protective Services Investigator with DOCO Family and Children Services. Lisa has been with NWF Health Network for 1year and 3 months working as a Placement Specialist. Her most vital skill is effective communication and being able to build rapport with the Foster Families and Community Partner Agencies. Her favorite part of the job is being able to find a placement that is a good fit for the youth as well as the foster family. Lisa is very good at being an active listener and effective communicator.

Lisa maintains her work-life balance by meditating and doing things that brings relaxation such as spa days. Her favorite hobby is spending time with her grandson, Zayden and creating lasting memories. Her greatest accomplishment was completing her degree while being a full time mother of three and an employee. Lisa is a member of the National Society of Social Work and National Honor Society and has this advice for new social workers: “find balance and don’t be bias. You have to be able to separate your personal feelings from the work related issues.”

Thank you, Lisa Adams! NWF appreciates your dedication to our foster families. 

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