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March is National Social Work Month: Michelle Posey

Mar Wed, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight

Michelle Posey is from Pensacola, Florida but originally from Alabama. She went to college at the University of West Florida

Michelle always wanted to work with children and help families. When she was in college, she was an Early Education major, but after taking a semester of the classes, she realized that teaching was not for her. She wanted to work with children in a different capacity, so she changed her major to Social Work, and has never looked back.

Michelle has been in Social Work since 1995. She first began as a Family Services Counselor at HRS; then Foster Home Licensing; then Contracts. There have been so many good stories over the years but her greatest joy during her career was being able to reunify families or see a child placed in their forever home. “Several years ago, one of the teens that was on my caseload was now an adult, and she came out of a store she was working at to tell me that she was doing great. She was engaged and in college. She was very happy, and I was so excited for her because she was doing so well.”

Michelle loves spending time with her family and that includes her cat, Jay Jay. She also loves watching British murder mysteries.

We appreciate you, Michelle! Thank you for doing great work!

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