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March is National Social Work Month: Tara Franklin

Mar Fri, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight

Tara Franklin was born in Pensacola Florida.  However her father was enlisted in the Army so they moved often until returning to Florida when Tara was around 12 years old.  Tara initially started her college career with the goal of teaching College Literature, but somewhere along the line she was redirected to Social Work. Tara earned her Bachelors in Social Work in 2003 and started working as a Case Manager in Santa Rosa County. She earned a Masters in Social Work from Florida State University in 2008. Tara is currently the Adoption Specialist For Circuit 1. 

Tara’s advice to a new social worker is to “remember that no matter what you are doing do it with respect.  This is a hard job both for the social workers and the people we are helping.  We do not always have to agree or understand someone but we do need to treat them with respect.”

Tara’s greatest joy in life is her family. She loves spending time with them. In her free time, she likes camping, hiking, and traveling.