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NWF’s Cathy Harcus on Fostering Children

May is National Foster Care Month. Cathy Harcus, Recruitment & Retention Manager at NWF Health Network, has shared her beautiful experience fostering children.

“Giving our “YES” to foster care resulted in the unintended growth of our family. In 2004, John told me he would agree to help one child, one time. Little did he know what God had planned. 18 years we spent fostering & his YES repeated itself 57 times.

I’m still confused most of the time when people ask how many kids we have. These are our 2 forever sons. We could not be more proud. Both changed schools more times than I can count, lived in multiple homes, group homes, & yet still graduated high school! Danny is almost 23 and Jackie is 30. There are 2 things that I really love about each of them: 1) Even though rough around the edges, I see glimpses of their hearts for others often. 2) Their quick witty sense of sarcastic humor.

What if we never said YES? I don’t like to think about it. We would give our same YES again with ZERO REGRETS. If you’ve been considering fostering, all you have to do is give your YES and let God take it from there.”

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