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Social Work Appreciation Month: Bobbi Lowe

Mar Sun, 2024, See more: Staff Spotlight,Team,Thank You

Meet Bobbi Lowe. Bobbi graduated from University of West Florida with a degree in Social Work. She always knew she wanted to help people. She said it took her a few semesters of bumping around changing majors to find her heart in Social Work. Bobbi works at NWFHN as the Operations Manager for Circuit 1. She works closely with our Case Management Organizations and Families First Network in providing services to children and families in the Child Welfare system. Bobbi manages an AWESOME team that assists Case Management in the areas of locating absent parents, transitioning cases from Investigations to Services, working through strategies in achieving permanency for children in out-of-home care and in ensuring children in Circuit 1 have their educational needs met.

When Bobbi isn’t working hard at NWFHN, she is enjoying her new role as Grandma to her precious little grandson who was born this past November. Bobbi Lowe is “loving every minute of it!”

We appreciate everything you do, Bobbi.

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