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Spotlight on IL Youth Specialist Tyrone Cleveland

Jan Wed, 2023, See more: Staff Spotlight,Thank You

Tyrone Cleveland works as an Independent Youth Specialist for NWF Health Network. Tyrone has worked prevention and youth for most of his career. He also spent nearly 15 years serving in the military.

Tyrone started his career in Spain working with DARE. This program aimed to raise awareness of drugs in schools. The program lasted 12 weeks and ended with a parade for student who graduated. Tyrone has also worked in Atlanta with the DEFY program, Drug Education for Youth. While working with DEFY, Tyrone became a mentor to children who lived in a single parent home. He found most children in this program lived with only their mother, so he was able to make a sizable impact as a male mentor.

As a youth Specialist, Tyrone strives to lessen the generational gap. He works to ensure parents have the tools necessary to see their children succeed and he works to make kids feel understood and heard. 

The effect he has on children in our community is admirable and we are very proud to have Tyrone on our NWF team.

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