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Spotlight on the Ornelas Foster Family

The Ornelas family is a shining example of a loving and supportive foster family. Julie and Jordan prioritize spending time together as a family. They understand the importance of fostering creativity and individuality in their children, which is no small feat with a household of nine! The Ornelas family is a wonderful example of the positive impact a foster family can have on the lives of children.

Adoption: Congratulations Smith Family

November 29, 2023
Shannon Smith received a phone call from the hospital. Her sister had given birth to a premature baby boy. After he spent 6 weeks in care, the hospital staff told the mother that the baby...

It’s Giving Tuesday!

November 28, 2023
Giving Tuesday is a national campaign that occurs on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It was established as a way to begin the giving season and encourage people to contribute charitable donations to nonprofits. Whether you're...

Spotlight on the Hawkins Foster Family

November 27, 2023
Three years ago, Jennifer & Bradley made a life-changing decision to become foster parents. Their motivation was simple – they wanted to have a positive impact on a child's life. Blessed with three adult children...