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Spotlight on The Williams Foster Family

Meet Chris & Louisa Williams! The impact the Williams have made on the children in their home will radiate for generations to come.  

This is a family that loves fiercely. They see the best in everyone they meet and call it out.  They use their words to guide gently, yet firmly. They are willing to go the distance to help children get the support and love they need, while also working along with the birth families to set their reunification up for success. Having adopted two boys with various needs earlier in life, the Williams have built resiliency and fight the good fight to make sure their children are always supported.

The Williams have had multiple long-term foster placements where they have successfully assisted in reunifying their children back with their birth families. They create incredible partnerships with birth families, and the Williams stay involved in their children’s lives and continue loving on their families. Every service that is ever recommended for a child, the Williams follow through and advocate for children to receive it. Each week, the Williams send out a “Weekly Update Email” to all parties involved (even birth family) with pictures of the children they are caring for, accomplishments of the child, what they’re doing, and new discoveries. They never stop championing for birth families, even after the child has been reunified.    

The Williams have cared for newborns to toddlers. They see each child as an individual with unique needs and extraordinary callings. They allow the children to explore their world with lots of play and assist them in communicating their needs. They listen intently to every cry, worry, joy, and laughter. The Williams carry a child-like faith that is unmatched and is truly a breath of fresh air.

No one would ever know if the Williams are having a hard day. Their strength and resiliency through their personal challenges, have never hindered their care for children. They keep going; they keep moving forward, and they keep learning, every step of the way.    

We are so thankful for the Williams’ loyalty and intentionality when it comes to caring for those who come from hard places. Their patience and tenacity are something to admire!

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