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Child Welfare Appreciation Week: Courtney Hill of Families First Network (FFN)

Courtney has been with FFN since 2019. She is currently a senior case manager in IHNJ and she has been the adoption recruiter. She always knew she wanted to help families. For the longest time, she didn’t know in what capacity and then a good friend told her about Families First Network. Courtney says “I love all aspects of helping the kids and parents I come in contact with. I feel that I am a natural  giver. In this field I am able to give and provide services we have and give hope back to families that experience a lot of traumas. The thing that keeps me in this field, of course, is my awesome unit (E9) that I love and all the families I am able to help. I have been able to experience child welfare from the in-home side, out-home side and adoption recruitment side. Through it all, there’s always a rainbow.” 

Courtney has played a crucial role in the success and stability of her unit as well as the retention of staff in other in home units. She takes her role as Senior Case Manager very seriously and ensures new staff receive the guidance and support they need. As a trainer, I am so thankful for her passion and commitment to new coworkers.

We appreciate you, Courtney! Keep following that rainbow!

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