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It’s Child Welfare Workforce Appreciation Week

Child Welfare Workforce Appreciation week is an opportunity for child welfare professionals to celebrate their achievements and connect with colleagues, for child welfare leaders to focus on how to support and recognize their workforce, for social work students to learn about child welfare practice, and for social work programs and faculty to refresh the child welfare curriculum with the latest resources.

The child welfare workforce is a valuable and integral part of communities across the United States. Child welfare professionals work hard to protect children and strengthen families, often in challenging circumstances without thanks. Celebrating, expressing gratitude for, honoring, and supporting the workforce is critical and aligns well with taking a strengths-based approach to the field. 

This week, NWF Health Network will recognize our case management organizations finest!

Spotlight on The McCurdy Foster Family

April 13, 2024
Ron and Denise McCurdy have been opening their home as foster parents for the children in their community since 2017. During this time, the family has committed to caring for twenty + children, four of which they...