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Spotlight on NWF’s Brittany Thornton and Giavanie Pearson

Feb Fri, 2023, See more: Child Protection,Staff Spotlight

Since NWF Health Network’s award as the Lead Agency in Circuit 1 in December 2022, our Diligent Search Specialists- Brittany Thornton and Giavanie Pearson- have dominated the position. They have worked over 50 cases looking for mothers and fathers for children in our care, with great success.

If you didn’t know, Diligent Search Specialists are tasked with locating parents in an effort to engage them into becoming involved in their child’s dependency case. Diligent Search Specialists utilize criminal data bases, web searches, social media, even old school snail mail and contact with relatives to attempt to locate missing parents of children in the department’s care. Once a potential address or phone number has been obtained, Diligent Search Specialists work closely with Child Welfare Case Managers and Children’s Legal Services to locate the parents. When located, the ultimate goal is to offer services toward family reunification or to assist in the best possible care for the youth through other avenues.

Thanks for making difference, Brittany and Giavanie.



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