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Spotlight on NWF’s Kinship Team

Meet our NWF Health Network Kinship team! The Kinship Program serves families throughout the Northwest Region, from Pensacola to Tallahassee. This team works with Kinship Caregivers to become licensed foster parents. By becoming Level I licensed, the caregiver receives up front tangible support and on-going financial support to meet the daily needs of the children placed in their home. Recently, the Circuit 1 team exceeded 40% of children placed with Kinship Caregivers that are licensed. The goal set by the Department of Children and Families is 40%. March 2023 marks the first time that the Circuit I team crossed the goal line of 40% since the program began over three years ago. The team is continuing to increase their reach to support more Caregivers. Recently, the percentage of children in Level I licensed homes increased to nearly 43%.

The Kinship Team in Circuits 2 and 14 recently exceeded 52% of children in Kinship placements also in a Level I licensed placement. This team has worked diligently to increase their reach to support more Kinship Caregivers. The combined efforts of the three Circuits has resulted in the Northwest Region having the highest percentage of children in licensed kinship placements out of the six regions in Florida.

The Kinship Team is increasing the stability of kinship placements and providing opportunities for children to remain with kinship caregivers, which reduces the trauma children go through after removal.

We are so proud of our Kinship Team and of the work they do behind-the-scenes to keep our children and families safe and happy!

Thank you, NWF Kinship Team.

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